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AIR FORCE ONE REMODEL - Just keepin it real y'all! The other side of the plane reads: "Gourmet Chef Express" for when Bammy flies in celebrity chefs for date night.

WORKAHOLIC - Not this guy! One month of golf per year, plenty of fancy dinner parties, the economy in ruins, let the peasants eat cake!

Low information Voters -

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THE FACE OF SOCIALISM - Take a good look at the face of Socialism before you vote this November. Your Children's grandchildren's financial obligations are at stake as this marxist spendaholic pisses away their futures.

52 ROUNDS OF GOLF - Do you realize that's more than 200,000 unemployed for each round of Golf that our President has played?

ROME BURNS - And Nero goes on Letterman

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WORLD'S SMALLEST VIOLIN - Obama likes to play it every time someone brings up unemployment or the stagnant economy!

WRITING CHILDREN'S BOOKS - Since he can't/won't fix the economy, is he already working on his post-presidential career?

HOPE AND GOLF - Or was that Golf and Change?

THE REAL TRUTH - Obama: and then I said; "All must share in the sacrifice." Axelrod: Good one Barry!

ROMNEY SAYS HE PAID AT LEAST 13 CENTS IN TAXES FOR LAST 10 YEARS - Money can't buy you everything.

Suggests Donald delete his twitter account -